Moving Costs


There are many associated costs with moving and the most obvious one is the cost of your move itself.

Your specific moving costs will vary depending on a vast range of variables and the most important one is how much furniture you have to move. This is why you will find that local and interstate furniture removalists do not generally provide a "ball park figure" for a specific sized home because they do not want to give you an estimate which is way under or scare you off by providing a figure which is extremely high.

The best way to work out your moving costs is to take a moment and complete our online quote request form, then you will know exactly how much your moving costs are likely to be after receiving quotes from multiple moving companies from around Australia.

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What does it cost to move

Furniture removalists and moving companies often get asked the question "What does it cost to move?" and the issue is that there are so many variables involved that it is far to difficult and completely inaccurate to provide a "rough" over the phone ball park figure for the cost of moving.

Obviously, if your interstate removals is cross country/long distance like moving from Hobart to Perth then this is going to cost must more than an interstate move with is shorter in distance like moving from Sydney to Melbourne. The amount of furniture you have in your home is another consideration and what you may have in your 2 bedroom home or 6 bedroom mansion can and does greatly differ from what another person will have in theirs. Whether you have found a new home already or require secure storage for a few weeks is another variable.

Estimated Cost of Moving

I have seen first hand that an estimated cost of moving given out to potential client by furniture removalists can be and normally is quite far off the actual quoted price of the move after they have received an official quote. An estimated cost of moving a 3 bedroom house from Brisbane to Sydney can be as little as $1500.00 - if the clients pack everything themselves and have very little furniture. But then I have also seen the cost of the same move go up to and beyond $5000.00 as the clients wanted everything packed, required storage and had far more furniture than the "average" 3 bedroom room.

This is why it is best to avoid trying to obtain the estimated cost of moving and simply complete our online quote request form which will then put you in contact with multiple furniture removalists who will compete for your work.






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